Products for EMS

ePCR for the iPad

In the field - when seconds count, and focus on the needs of your patient is a must - you need a resource that makes patient care reporting simple, accurate, and effective. iPCR is Electronic Patient Care Reporting that is designed to work the way you do, and to operate on the modern device everyone knows so well. PCRs must be complete, accurate, and fast to create. iPCR will save you time and money and help you get it right.

For the first unit in, the initial minutes can be the most important. With our included First Responder module, first responders can quickly and easily gather information on a patient without losing focus. Records can be transferred easily with the iPCR’s unique one-touch feature. With iPCR, you start and complete your own PCR - from a non-transport perspective.

iPCR is your ALS and BLS total solution for on scene and transport patient care. Quickly and easily document your patient interaction, generate more thorough, error free reports, all while reducing hospital turnaround time. With iPCR, you are in complete control, and your focus stays on what's most important, patient care.

The CQI module allows for an easy, interactive workflow between CQI managers and users in the field. You have the ability to review records and establish a private dialogue utilizing iPCR's internal messaging. Quality of care issues can easily be escalated though the proper chain of command. This process encourages positive feedback to field personnel, limiting negative stigmas.