Client Testimonials

iPCR Has Raving Fans

The technical support staff is prompt and very knowledgeable about all of the software's capabilities. I would recommend your software program to any company, big or small that wanted to excel and utilize the latest technology available.

Peggy, Kansas

The technical support staff has been most helpful with identifying our challenges and providing us with solutions. They have excellent communication skills, I can clearly understand the course of action to take.

Wade, Missouri

I would like to thank the Forté tech support staff for their professionalism, and expertise in my data conversion transition. The entire staff should receive a thumbs' up. I look forward to continue using Forté for my software needs.

John, Virginia

Thank you for being so helpful with solving my tech issues. It is really refreshing to be able to contact tech support and not only get someone friendly but knowledgeable! It is customer service like yours that keeps us using Forté!

Adriana, California

iPCR is user friendly and easy to train on. You can go through and see everything easily and be completely paperless. There are no instructions needed. It really is pick up and go.

Kelly, California

iPCR offers training, listens to customer feedback, provides resources to educators and students, and most importantly, is reliable. If I have a question, I know I can reach the technical support staff immediately. They are very responsive.

Sam, California

Thanks for your help today! You did a great job!

Susan, Pennsylvania

Our very first client with iPCR told me something that I believe is amazing. The client said 'No one, not even that first crew member, complained about the program'.

Linda, Kentucky

Thank you for the prompt, courteous service that you provided today. Your communication with me about software issues was clear, concise and user friendly, which is important since topics like these are challenging to a non-computer geek like me !

Dennis, Ohio

Kealan, thank you again for your kindness and consideration. It has been an honor, privilege and a personal pleasure to work with you today. Thank you for thoroughly answering all of my questions. I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness and professionalism.

Keith, Georgia

I would definitely recommend iPCR to everyone in EMS. iPCR makes the process of documenting an EMS patient encounter a breeze. Streamlined data entry, utilizing the drop down menu or human anatomical display for medical/trauma patients, is the future of EMS! iPCR is a great technology to have in a military medical deployment. Streamlining the required amount of equipment required to conduct and document a patient encounter even in austere combat situations, iPCR is quick and intuitive. iPCR is a clear winner!

Dario, Texas

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Breanna and Mandy for working with me. There were a lot of questions and scenarios to work through. We are equally excited to work with a company who seems to be as progressive as we are.

Everyone I have spoken to from the kind phone receptionist (who is very cheerful and even knows my name at this point and asks how we are doing) to the engineers that were very professional and warm. Breanna's warm conversation and friendly approach to seeing we get off to the right start and Mandy's kindness and strong drive to get me the information needed to start this business partnership was a pleasant experience. I can honestly say, I have never worked with a company who has been this pleasant to deal with.

Mark, Virginia

The training was excellent and very beneficial with helping me understand how to use the software and the different things it's capable of doing. All of your staff have been very helpful. I appreciate your willingness to help us understand the iPCR and address any questions that we have.

Steve, Illinois

You have been very attentive to my needs. You have always either gave me the correct answers or have always got me to right person to answer my questions. Despite me being a small service I probably have been more needs than that of a large service, but you have always been kind and courteous. Thanks you for all your help and I am sure I will need more things in the future and look forward to working with you. Again thanks for being patient with me. It is much appreciated.

Justin, South Dakota

Thank you for your help in getting us on the right track for this program!! I will pass the word to our medical team. You are the best, answered all my questions, and were (as always) friendly and helpful!!

Amy, California

We have had nothing but outstanding support from the iPCR / Forté holdings staff and you are an exemplary model of what we have come to expect. Your prompt service, willingness to work with us and overall demeanor are representative of what customer service should be. Once again, we appreciate all of your assistance.

Ronak, Illinois

I would say you have taken care of us with everything, you are always fast with replys, hard to get from some places since we are such a small account. Thanks for all you do.

Bobby, Texas

Thank you so very much for consistently following and checking up on us. Your customer service skills are top notch. Each time I contact support, I can count on a phone call from you ensuring resolution of my problems. Furthermore, you consistently check up on us to see how things are going and are happy to help us get in contact with the appropriate person to get a resolution.

Mark, Virginia

Your customer service was and always is excellent. Thanks again.

Evan, New York

You and your company have been very helpful with our implementation of the iPCR billing software.  All questions have been answered in a timely manner.

Brian, Kentucky

Another testament to your great customer service.

Nathan, New York

The service has been great!!  We are well on our way to getting all the crews trained and ready to start live with the IPCR next Monday.

Cynthia, Kentucky

Hi Breanna! I just wanted to say Thank You, to you and the staff at Forté Holdings. Your service has been very helpful throughout our our process of integration, set-up, training, and everything in between.

Chad, Ohio

I would like to thank you for the awesome customer support. You were extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Your person knowledge in the products and services I inquired about was exceptional. Again, I annot thank you enough for your assistance today.

Glenn, Georgia

Customer service has been great so far, thank you!

Nicholas, Minnesota

Angie, You were very, very helpful today. You answered all my questions in such a way to help me immediately.

Shelly, California

Your assistance is very helpful Nicole. I greatly appreciate it!

Jim, Missouri

You were very courteous and polite. Thank you for your speedy response to my needs. It has been a pleasure speaking to you.

Marilou, New Jersey

Thank you for your assistance, and please know you were very professional and willing to help. I appreciate how quickly Forté responds to us as a whole. Keep up the great customer service!

jan, California

Hi Breanna. I would like to thank you and all of your team for the outstanding customer service that you have provided me and Warrensburg EMS. All have you have gone out of your way to make certain that we are not only able to use your product but to also help us make the changes that we needed for our squad and area. I am sincerely appreciative of all that you have done for us. I hope that 2014 is a great year for you!

Steve, New York

Hi Breanna, all is well. We are loving the program. PCR's have never been faster or easier. Thank you.

Nathan, Indiana

I just wanted to let you know how amazing your technical support team has been. I am fairly confident your team wrote the book on how to provide exemplary customer service. They always make us feel that our problem is the most important issue they have. They work on any issues until we are 100% satisfied. I cannot say enough positive comments to fully explain how satisfied we are with you, your support team and your product. Thank you for all you do!!

Stephen, New York